Intrepid Series


For those who didn’t know, the Intrepid Series final was located at Cultybraggan Camp (CAMP 21). During WW2, this was used to house POW’s from the SS.

If we tried to explain to you all just how fortunate Team Intrepid have been we couldn’t put it into words. We are going to be running another EPIC adventure there for all those taking part in 2018, but we will also be sponsored by Wizz Properties Ltd.

Why is this important? Well simply because they are going to be supporting us by sponsoring us our own HUT on CAMP 21. This will mean simply we can deliver more amazing adventures.

“Welcome to Scotland” – that’s what the team were told this weekend. “You’re in good company!”

To all those involved in the First Event, Snowdon Adventures, the Final, the Series, OakNorth, MYZONE, the talking cameraman, the finalists and especially to the amazing team.

Cultybraggen, Wizz and all of you… Thank you, your NINJA! (Si & Col + The Entire Team)

Well… That was easy!

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