Wizz Properties Helping House Homeless Soldiers

A Daily Record investigation revealed that veterans who have risked their lives in every conflict from World War II to Iraq and Afghanistan are ­struggling to feed their families.

Serviceman-turned-landlord Chris Wieczorek – who helps house homeless soldiers through his firm Wizz Properties Ltd – has been shocked by the numbers of veterans relying on foodbanks.

The former infantry sergeant, who served in Iraq and Northern Ireland, said: “I had three veterans who were relying on foodbanks last year but I have heard about it happening all over the place.

“On the one hand, foodbanks provide a great service, stopping people from starving but on the other, it shouldn’t have to come to that especially with people who have fought for this country.

“It is shocking. I also gave out £500 in Tesco vouchers out of my own pocket to help veterans as some guys were really struggling. The Government really need to act – they could help my making things a bit easier and not stopping ­benefits at the drop of a hat because a form hasn’t been filled in.”

Chris is also a trustee of Who Dares Cares, a charity that helps tackle PTSD which is run by ex-Army sergeant Cammy MacLeod and SAS hero Colin MacLachlan. Cammy MacLeod said: “The fact our veterans are being forced to use foodbanks is a ­horrifying indictment of modern Britain.

“There is no doubt more older veterans and younger service leavers are falling through the net.

“The men and women we deal with are proud individuals so they don’t want to be seen taking what some people see as handouts.

“It is difficult to quantify how many veterans are using foodbanks but for everyone that we know about, there will be several using them on the quiet. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”