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Wizz Properties Helping House Homeless Soldiers

Wizz Properties Helping House Homeless Soldiers A Daily Record investigation revealed that veterans who have risked their lives in every conflict from World War II to Iraq and Afghanistan are ­struggling to feed their families. Serviceman-turned-landlord Chris Wieczorek – who helps house homeless soldiers through his firm Wizz Properties Ltd – has been shocked by…

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Intrepid Series

Intrepid Series So, For those who didn’t know, the Intrepid Series final was located at Cultybraggan Camp (CAMP 21). During WW2, this was used to house POW’s from the SS. If we tried to explain to you all just how fortunate Team Intrepid have been we couldn’t put it into words. We are going to…

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Falkirk Veterans

Falkirk Veterans Today Wizz Properties Ltd presented a cheque for the sum of £750 Falkirk’s newest charity, Falkirk Veterans. We hope this money will go a long way to help those in need. We’d like to extend a massive thanks to Colin MacLeod from Who Dares Cares for coming along and to Maggie for all…

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